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We specialize in restoring woodwork in homes of all ages



No matter what kind of project you have planned for your older home, or whatever the style, vintage or condition is of your home, we promise a respectful approach to working on it, and working with you. Our knowledge and appreciation for old houses means we are going to approach your project with a spirit of team leadership -- working with you to bring out the best in what your house offers, while working to fulfil your goals for the long term, with a watchful eye on your budget priorities.

We can help you identify what is most likely to be original and what has changed in your house over the years, and what can be done to save the most significant features. We can also help guide your plans for whatever adaptive modifications might be necessary to maintain the livability of your house into the 21st Century, with minimal compromise to the historic qualities or your home.

Click here to read a 1994 Manchester Union Leader article about Steve and old houses.


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