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A few client comments


Dear Steve,

     Pam and I extend to you and Jesse sincere and hearty thanks for your work on our kitchen, pantry and closet. we are very pleased with your work -- and the great advice received from you and Sue and her colleagues at Vintage Kitchens.

Sincerely, Mike


     Thanks so much for your great work.

Jane & Paul

Thanks so much for getting everything done and scheduled and working in the extra projects -- it looks great!




Our mission is to bring a professional and respectful approach to every job and every client -- before, during and after our work is complete -- as if our career depends on it. And because we rely on referrals for nearly all of our work, we had best deliver on that promise!

Thank you all for the very kind words.

-- Steve Booth


* References are available on request *

Dear Steve,

     I want again, to tell you how pleased we are with the work that you have done on our house. Being new to the process, Lissa and I knew we needed a builder to not only do what we wanted to have done, but to make recommendations when we needed. When we bought the house, we really fell in love with the living room and really didn't want to have much of that room changed. You did that, and also took the time and used your expertise to create a space that complimented that living room very nicely. That was exactly what we wanted.

     It was great working with Phil also. He worked on our house like it was his own and his craftsmanship was superb. I don't know what more we could have asked for.

     Thanks again Steve. One never knows when we will be working together again. I will look forward to it.

Yours truly,


Thank you for beautiful work!!

Debbie & Jim

Dear Steve,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job you and Eric did installing our kitchen. We really love it! Eric was so precise with every cabinet and really took the time to make sure everything was perfect.

    It was great working with both of you. Thank you again for a job well done!


Linda & Peter


     Thank you. You and your guys did a first-class job. The more I get to know the addition, the more I like it and the more I appreciate the workmanship, the choice of materials and the attention to detail.

     I want to have you and Sue and the crew and Bruce Yeaton over for dinner some evening after the last miscellaneous things are done to show my appreciation more personally.

    For now, I enclose the payment on the current bill and want you to know that I am very, very happy with what you wrought.




     Thank you again for the masterful job on our kitchen and den. We are enjoying it thoroughly! A special thanks from both of us for your patience and understanding.


Dear Steve & Sue

    Thanks again for your good work -- you make an excellent team!


Dear Steve

    Thank you for doing a wonderful job on my kitchen. It looks great and I'm enjoying being well-organized in such a beautiful space.

Many thanks,



     You and your crew were wonderful to work with and we are so pleased with the final result.

Thanks again,

Wendy & Jim

Dear Steve,

     Our many, many thanks to you for our wonderful new home.


Linda and John