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New Homes

Built by us -- some of these go back a few years


For the ten years that I worked for my father, Don Booth (Community Builders), we built many new highly energy efficient homes. These often included such forward thinking features as super-insulation, solar energy, high performance heating and ventilation systems and resource friendly appliances, fixtures and finishes -- many of the same ideas that are now gaining a lot of national attention in the building field.

In Steve Booth Builders work since 1986, we have tended to combine these "green" concepts with the esthetic values of the traditional New England architectural palette.

While most of our recent work has involved kitchen projects, restoration and renovations, we still have in place an experienced team for creating the new home of your dreams -- with terrific qualities of energy efficiency and quality workmanship as the foundation.

Timeless qualities, don't you think?


Steve Booth Builders kitchen portfolio

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Additions and renovations by Steve Booth Builders

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